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Dannez H.
Oakland, CA
Topic: Eczema

After suffering from Eczema most of my life, a female friend introduced me to Buddha Butter. I don’t know how, but within five days most of my skin looked totally normal with no signs of dryness. After consistently using Buddha Butter for 2 weeks my skin is healed and completely rejuvenated.

Bryan W.
Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Sty / Athletes Foot

I had a Sty on my eye for about two years and a bad case of fungus between one of my toes for the last five years. I started first with the rubbing Buddha Butter on the outer lid of my eye with a q-tip once in the morning and again at night.

After my shower in the morning, I started to apply Buddha Butter between my toes. Within the week I saw a drastic change in the swelling on my eye and that skin between my toes was taking on a new revitalized appearance.

Margo H.
New York, NY
Topic: Acne

I’ve been using Buddha Butter about 4 months now and I’ve used it faithfully every day and I LOVE what it’s done to my skin! I no longer use Proactive. Buddha Butter keeps my skin clear naturally without drying out my skin like all the harsh chemicals in other products.

Amie S.
Dallas, TX
Topic: Acne

My face has always been clear until I turned 21. After that I had the worst acne ever. I tried everything, even a popular acne treatment that did little good to help with my acne.

A friend introduced me to Buddha Butter; she said only to put on a thin layer twice a day. Within a week my acne started to shrink and my scars were minimal. Now I have good skin and the scars have faded away. I love this stuff, in fact I need some more. Thanks for changing my life.

Carol W.
Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Insect Bites

I travel for my job to several tropical areas, where mosquitoes love to bite me. If I apply Buddha Butter on the bite soon after getting bitten, the itching stops almost right away and the bump is gone within a couple of days. Buddha Butter has really renewed my faith and trust in the natural skin care industry.

Eric D.
New York, NY
Topic: Athletes Foot

Last summer, a friend introduced me to Buddha Butter. He sent me a sample when he came to New York. I was told all the different uses it has on the skin, one of them being Athletics’ Foot. I played tennis regularly for over twenty years and my feet have paid the price for it. I have periodic flare ups in between my toes, especially my little toes.

So that night I decided to give it a try on an infected area in between my toes. I took a shower and rubbed the Buddha Butter in between each of my toes. The next morning I was amazed, the infected area was healed. I called my friend and told him I was shocked to see how quick it worked. This is a great product. I hope it stays around for a long time.

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Excellent as a baseunder my make up

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