Our head developer, Craig Davis, navigated our cosmetic team to excellence with his years of experience in the personal care industry. Mr. Davis, “I grew up from the age of five watching my father manufacture hair and beauty care products. My father, Morrise Davis co-founded Pro-line Hair Care with Comer Cottrell in 1970.

“I’ve witnessed humble beginnings turn into a multi-million dollar corporation, and with Buddha Butter and Joshua Originals Lip Conditioner I see the possibility to exceed my father’s business. I am truly thankful to work with the top researchers and cosmetic formulators in the industry.

Buddha Butter is a US based company, proud to have created one of the finest anti-aging salve bound to revolutionize the personal care industry. Our mission is to set a new standard of excellence in the skin care industry; clear vibrant skin is our goal. Our proprietary process of making Buddha Butter includes macerating of oils and herbs, while following the alchemical principals used throughout the ages. Our ingredients include the finest sourced organic herbs and exotic oils from around the world.

By carefully piecing together the most revered herbal formulations and using the latest technology we released the healing properties known only in nature. Our team leaders are pioneers in the skin care industry with over fifty years of research science; we have tested and retested countless potions, elixirs and herbal remedies.  This year we have plans to expand into affiliate marketing to help create new jobs and build a health conscience society.