Our team of developers created a proprietary process of macerating the finest oils and herbs from all around the world to produce a one of a kind anti-aging salve.

In using the alchemical principals of the ancient past, time, pressure, heat and compatibility we successfully produced a truly unique product for the global market.

Our team of manufacturers and formulators used the most sacred oils and herbs sourced from the highest quality organic oil and herbal importers. We are proud to produce one of the most advanced skin care systems on the market by using techniques from centuries ago.

The founders of By Human Design conceived the unimaginable. With only fragments from the ancient past, we carefully pieced together the most revered herbal formulations used by traditional healers. Our team of developers successfully created two all-natural skin care brands, Buddha Butter and Joshua Tree Lip Conditioner.

By following the ways of the ancient ones, we blended the most sacred oils and herbs once embraced, and long forgotten. We are now proud to present the finest formulations bound to revolutionize the personal care industry. Our head developer, Craig Davis, navigated our cosmetic team to excellence with his years of experience in the personal care industry. Mr. Davis, “I grew up from the age of five watching my father manufacture hair and beauty care products. My father, Morrise Davis started Pro-line Hair Care with Comer Cottrell in 1970.

“I’ve witnessed humble beginnings turn into a multi-million dollar corporation, and with Buddha Butter and Joshua Tree Lip Conditioner I see the possibility to exceed my father’s business. I am truly thankful to work with the top researchers and cosmetic formulators in the industry.“