Allow Buddha Butter to be part of your daily routine for flawless skin. After cleaning the skin and leaving it moist, massage Buddha Butter into the skin both morning and evening for best results.

External Benefits: Buddha Butter calms irritated skin and replenishes the scalp. It also benefits razor bumps, skin discolorations, winkles, repairs dry, mature skin and normalizes oily skin. Rough and dry hands and feet heal beautifully with daily use.


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Ghee Butter,* Coconut Oil,* Aloe Vera Oil,* Jojoba Oil,* Sweet Almond,* Olive Oil,* Sunflower Oil,* Candelilla Wax,* Vitamin E,* Meadow Foam Seed Oil,* Red Raspberry Seed Oil,* Hemp Seed Oil,* Burdock Root,* Black Cumin Seed,* Rooibos,* Red Clover,* Sheep Sorrel,* Slippery Elm Bark,* Stevia,* Milk Thistle,* Turkey Rhubarb,* Chinese Licorice Extract,*  Annatto Seed Extract.*  Certified Organic*


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